Hosting and Maintenance

Plugin Updates

We will effectively refresh the entirety of your modules ensuring they are up to date.

Daily Backups

Your site will be backed up on a daily basis throughout the previous 2 months. At any time you can press a button and after 30 seconds your site will be restored from any past backups.

Daily Security Scans

Your site will be scanned for any infectious scripts making sure that your website is always safe and secure.

Staging Server

You will have a different arranging server where you can make edits and updates to your webpage in live site environement before they are pushed to your principle site.

SSL Certificate

You will get a SSL certificate for your site making it https secure on all pages, giving you added assurance and improved search ranking from Google.


We offer small content updates of under 10 minutes once every month at no extra expense.


You will have a dedicated team member for all support issues and all of your requests will be responded to the same business day.